suddenly received a text message from Team Li.

“The files are not open to the public. You can come over between 7 and 8 pm if you want to know. If your business is urgent, I can help you check it.”
Seeing the text message, Chen 西安夜网论坛 Ge reacted immediately, and Team Li was there. There are so many people in the office that it is inconvenient to agree directly.
“Uncle Li, do you have any records about Muyang Middle School? What happened to this school before it was shut down? Why are there ghost stories about it everywhere?” After
a while, Team Li began to reply intermittently.
“This school was built on a crematorium. That piece of land was very cheap, but because it was unlucky, nobody wanted it.”
“Later, it was bought by a short fat old man named Chen and built a private orphanage.”
” A few years later, Jiujiang set up a charity relief station and related welfare institutions, and he sent the children who were eligible in the orphanage to the regular orphanage.”
“There are only some older children left in the orphanage. In order to solve the school 西安洗浴网 problems for these children, the old dean went to many places, but no school was willing to accept them.”
“The old man had no choice but to buy textbooks and teach the children himself. Later this matter seemed to be reported by the media. After soliciting opinions from many sources, the Muyang Middle School was built in the suburbs.”
“The school site is an orphanage for the elderly, and the group of orphans adopted by the old man are the first batch of students in the school.”
Chen Ge flipped Reading the text message, he didn’t expect that Muyang Middle School still had such a past: “Team Li, when the old school was just established, how many students were there? Do you have any information on this?”
Twenty minutes later, Team Li called him directly: “Xiao Chen, I’m in the archives right now. Muyang Middle School has been 西安夜生活论坛 blocked because of the case of corpses in the well, and most of the archives have also been taken away by the munici