eat, ” “

is not , I want to ask, is there anything special about this person in front of me?” In the
Civilization Chronicles, Chubing is a little unhappy, annoying!
Don’t give me food, dare to call me to wake up!
Really annoying!
Although he was impatient, 西安品茶网 he reluctantly looked at it. After looking for a while, he replied: “There is nothing special, some special rules of the gods are very strong, I want to eat it!”
I want to eat it!
Su Yu’s heart moved slightly, “Senior, the strong power of rules means”
“The divine writing is very strong! 西安桑拿夜网 What do you want to ask?”
“I want to know if he is in some old antique outfit.”
The cue ball thought for a while and said: “It’s not an old fashioned costume. What do you say with a high probability? It may be that the divine text has touched a certain rule. There may be some collisions! In short, he may have inherited some of the rules of the master, but from my point of view, he should not be an older person.”
Su Yu’s heart moved slightly.
The collision of rules!
Liu Hong!
This, Su Yu once suspected that he was disguised by a big man, but it turned out that he was not. The cue ball is also the incarnation of the rules. It should know a lot, and its vision will not be too bad.
In this way, it is possible that Liu Hong has inherited some memories of ancient powers because a certain divine text has a high degree of overlap with a 西安桑拿按摩网 certain rule?
Grandpa in your dream?
Isn’t it?
Su Yu thought in his heart, looked at Liu Hong again, and chuckled: “Teacher Liu, ask something, do you often dream?”
Liu Honggan said with a smile: “Su Yu, what do you mean? Do you really believe that there is a grandfather in the dream?”
Su Yu said that last time.
Su Yu suddenly thought of himself, his eyes moved slightly, and something else, and asked: “Teacher, to be honest, are there any? In your dream, do you see some pictures, or even the inheritance of memory?”
“Huh? ”
Liu Hong looked like he didn’t know.
Su Yu Ning eyebrows,