strange talks contain ordinary obsessions and ghosts. , There is no need to swallow.

“The huge Xinhai, don’t even have a wild red shirt?”
Looking through his mobile phone, Chen Ge came to a place called Pailou in the old town of Xinhai. It used to be the most chaotic block 西安足浴spa in the old town of Xinhai. Later, because of a fire, it was here. It was abandoned directly.
The developer acquired the land at a very low price, but afterwards, for some reason, construction was not started, and the block was so deserted.
The archway was surrounded by a concrete wall, and Chen Ge immediately felt that something was wrong after he stepped over the wall and entered.
The inside and outside of the wall are two worlds, and the air inside the wall carries a rancid smell, which is very depressing.
“Not at all popular, how long has this place been abandoned?”
The abandoned buildings in the city sometimes become homes for scavengers, but the archway seems to be an exception.
After exercising with a black mobile phone, Chen Ge entered a certain place, and without careful investigation, he could judge whether there was 西安桑拿按摩网 a ghost in the scene from the remaining breath.
He has experienced too much, his body has formed a habit, and has mastered all kinds of abilities that are completely unimaginable in the eyes of ordinary people.
Turning the comic book, pressing the switch of the repeater, Chen Ge opened the blackened door and entered the archway.
“Why is there a smell of blood?” Chen Ge raised his head and took a deep breath, using his natural spirit: “It floated out of the building.”
Through a corridor full of card tables and wooden chairs, singer Chen just arrived. The corner was found to be wrong, and with the ticking sound, he saw a person hanging in the hall at the end of the corridor.
Both the stench and the bloody smell came from this person, and when Chen Ge discovered that person, the deadly wounded body suddenly opened his eyes!
“not 西安夜桑拿论坛 good!”
Decisively summoned the employees, before the