s skeptical.

Then he was stunned to discover that these people who were dredging with him were all bandits.
Could it be that they were all ready to take refuge in the 178 barrier, as Jin Lan suggested?
“Brother Xu, what shall we do?” someone asked in a low voice.
Xu Jinyuan thought for a while and said, “First follow them to make bricks. Didn’t it mean that you can get a gun after you save up to a hundred bullets? We can get the gun again to make the inside and out.”
Within a few days, the brick kiln opened. , Jin Lan and the others beamedly waited for the temperature in the kiln to cool down, and then moved out the blue bricks.
Someone next to Xu Jinyuan said, “Brother Xu, these hard-working bandits are all
. Why are they here to burn bricks?” Xu Jinyuan thought for a while and said, “Maybe it’s for the purpose of repairing some fortifications.” “No, I am. I heard they said that they were building houses for the refugees. I also heard that the refugees were very good to these bandits and gave them food.”
“Don’t talk nonsense,” Xu Jinyuan said angrily: “How can bandits give the refugees? Building a house, isn’t that a weasel giving a New Year’s greeting to the rooster? And the refugees will give food to the bandits? Why don’t I believe it!”
As a result, at noon at this time, the refugees came to the shore with their baskets on their shoulders and filled with enthusiastic smiles. “Everyone, come to eat, cook a few ears of corn for you, don’t dislike it.”
Jin Lan and Zhang Yiheng took the baskets from the refugees and gave them corn one by one. This was saved during the autumn harvest last year and the refugees saved it. It was used for the winter but not finished, but everyone did not dislike it.
Xu Jinyuan was stunned for a while: “What the hell is this for me?!”
Just after speaking, Jin Lan stuffed an ear of still hot corn into his hands: “Don’t be such a nonsense, hurry up and eat it while it’s hot.”
351 ,Senseless!
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