holding cards on his face from the beginning to the end. That introverted low-key makes people very comfortable.

Also a player, the difference in mood is really not ordinary.
Fu Yunqing didn’t talk much, and after greeted Qian Meng, he left.
Qian Meng just glanced at him, but Ying did not respond. Fu Yunqing seemed to be used to it a long time ago, and left the supermarket with Lu Ang next to him.
Yu Luosheng walked to Qianmeng and found that she had already bought what she wanted, so he asked: “Are you familiar with that person?”
“Live next door,” Qianmeng replied.
“Oh, but because of your strange disease, I guess I haven’t seen it a few times in the next door.” Yu Luosheng replied.
Qian Meng raised her head, a little coldness in her eyes.
“Just kidding, kidding, don’t be so serious.” Yu Luosheng smiled.
On the other side, sit on the car, his face full of puzzled Lu Ang, could not help but ask Fuyun Qing Road, next to the calm of the car: “?? You do not look at still so kind to that boy.”
“I have been very respected more than Luo Sheng.” Fu Yunqing said.
“Then he walks so close to the woman you have been chasing, and you don’t feel uncomfortable in your heart, I don’t believe it,” Lu Ang said.
“If they really have something, what can I do if I’m not polite to him, it will only add to Yuli’s disgust for nothing, if there is nothing, then why should I be hostile to him?” Fu Yunqing said.
“You are really open-minded. Anyway, I don’t like that kid. E-sports can be used at the top, and you can’t even get a card.” Lu Ang found that Fu Yunqing didn’t listen to him at all, and continued with some dissatisfaction, “Hey, What are you thinking about!”
“I’m just wondering why she joined the e-sports team. Based on my understanding of her, she would never be able to enter this kind of event.” Fu Yunqing said thoughtfully.
because of Xia Yingxing.” “Perhaps.” “It can’t be because of that kid anyway.”
“By the way, how many gold medals can you win among our players