y the madness of “Cersei”, a hunting and childbirth with a strange life experience and terrifying ambitions. The god.

She actually wanted to rely on plundering the lives of evil species, Mayans, and other creatures to release her natural fertility power, and to give birth to a powerful and completely obedient “Protoss” to become a mother god.
If she succeeds, perhaps her title will be accompanied by the word “Lord”, and she will become a powerful existence in all spirits.
The six of them felt Cersei’s madness, while flashing towards the place of the next fresco.
But just when they left where they were and were about to enter the next area.
Tang Qi’s feet suddenly stagnated, and the magical power of the melting pot inside his body surged with a “boom”, his head lifted, and he was suddenly shocked. I don’t know when to get up, the six of them are no longer the goddess of Mai Ya, the “Moon Goddess”. Sexual glory shines.
No matter it is a towering wall or a solid ground, there is only darkness that seems to be endless, the darkness that swallows everything.
It was indescribable, Tang Qi felt familiar, but the horror was more than dozens of times the breath, which penetrated a certain obstacle, like a sudden violent tsunami that enveloped the six people, and their hearts stopped beating at this moment.
The keen perception brings a clearer nightmare. Like Tang Qi and Timothy, they felt death, madness and a kind of suspected decay, but even more weird things from the invisible and intangible breath. They have terrible things. Pollution and radiation.
Even though, no substantial contact has been made.
But in the dark, Tang Qi seemed to see in the darkness in front of him, the shadowy tentacles were slowly protruding out, wrapping his body, conveying some terrible pollution that was enough to distort the essence of life.
Suddenly, Tang Qi remembered the day when he first entered the Qitujia tribe.
In those indigenous wooden houses, Tang Qi saw a dull look of Qitujia people, they were entwin