ake Ren Xiaosu, provided that Ren Xiaosu does not commit anything that touches Luo Lan’s interests.

This was an amulet. Although this amulet made Ren Xiaosu very toothache, he didn’t know whether Luo Lan casually ordered the people to make a pennant, or the other party deliberately urged himself.
It should be that the former is more likely. For Luo Lan, he is just a refugee who buys medicine outside the barrier.
Ren Xiaosu settled Yan Liuyuan. At this time, Sister Xiaoyu was already distressed. Last night, Ren Xiaosu didn’t tell her about disturbing her sleep. She didn’t know about it until this morning.
Yan Liuyuan was enjoying Sister Xiaoyu’s meticulous care, and suddenly realized that he was always teasing others before, so he said weakly, “Sister Xiaoyu, I’m sorry for the past.”
Sister Xiaoyu took a look at him: “I’m sorry for what you said to Sister, you two are big people, but if you are not more mature than other children, you won’t survive now.”
“It’s mainly my brother who is great,” Yan Liu Yuan smiled.
“I don’t know how much hardship Ren Xiaosu has suffered for so many years,” Sister Xiaoyu sighed.
“Countless suffering,” Yan Liuyuan replied calmly.
At this time, Ren Xiaosu checked the remaining medicines in the clinic, as well as the new medicines sent by Luo Lan. Maybe someone told the boss Luo that he was treating trauma, so the narcotics delivered by boss Luo And anti-inflammatory drugs are exceptionally many.
Suddenly Ren Xiaosu saw that there was a heat-clearing and detoxifying liquid in the big box of medicine, and he was overjoyed. He took the anti-inflammatory medicine and the heat-clearing and detoxifying liquid and went to give Yan Liuyuan the medicine. The main symptom of Yan Liuyuan’s illness this time was that he was sick. Fire causes inflammation of the tonsils, not to mention whether this is particularly symptomatic, but it is definitely a cure.
There are still some medicinal materials in this clinic, some of the cabinets have the names of medicinal mater