side, they have immortality, resurrection, and common vision. Suitable for investigative ability.

If it hadn’t had a fatal problem, it would have long been vying for it by many extraordinary forces with its abilities.
The three hundred red-eyed crows can collect a lot of information and gather in the beech body, but it will be “formatted” every ten years or so.
After that, all the information collected will disappear.
After learning about its problems, Tang Qi even guessed whether this old guy did it on purpose.
To reduce the aura, but also to reduce the pretenders, this is the wisdom of survival.
However, the fourth piece of information that just flowed past proved that this was not the case. From the moment it was born, there was such a problem.
When the picture is generated, Tang Qi also seems to have suddenly lost interest.
No longer staring at the hundreds of crows with distressed and puzzled eyes.
At this moment, the three hundred red-eyed crows suddenly spoke.
“Little guy, why don’t you keep looking? If you find it, grandpa can provide services for free?” The
completely consistent frequency and movement, the old and weird voice, suddenly fell into Tang Qi’s ears.
Tang Qi originally had a hint of doubt in his eyes, but after the sound of this voice, his thoughts became firm immediately.
“I can’t find it, oh, it’s not just me, no one can find it.”
“Because these three hundred red-eyed crows, no matter in appearance, sound or other aspects, all are exactly the same, there is no difference at all.”
“You The test [find the difference], no one has passed it so far.”
Speaking of the back, a look of helplessness flashed in Tang Qi’s eyes.
That’s right, the test that sounds serious is actually a little game called “Find the Difference”. Anyone who can find a different one among the three hundred red-eyed crows can enjoy this old guy for free. Intelligence service.
However, after Tang Qi’s gaze, he was very sure that the three hundred red-eyed crows were exactly the same.
It is