soar beyond me beyond containment.” Tang Qi’s expression became solemn, the same as the expressions of the other invaded spirits.

Very tricky!
After the nightmare dominates ascension, he is now possessing the combat power corresponding to his personality.
Initially fighting with Tang Qi was at an absolute disadvantage, but soon he found Tang Qi’s “weakness”.
Tang Qi, scrupulous about shifting the camp.
This point can also be seen by other dominion-level gods, or all spirits with strong insight.
“The nightmare breaks the real boundaries, directly crushes itself, and then sneaks into the dreams of the gods and sentient beings. This is a more crude way of growth than plundering. He is directly harvesting.”
“The dream lord also has the same authority and power, but he may not be able to. Do so, once he also shatters himself and sneaks into the dreams of billions of beings and fights with the’nightmare’, he may win a short time, but he may also be contaminated, and then his camp will shift.”
“Yes, if his camp shifts, Perhaps it will not quickly enter the chaos and evil, but it is very likely to be lost and there will be unknown consequences.”
“The best way, He tries his best to eliminate the nightmare, but all beings and gods will have to sacrifice a part.”
“Moreover, the mystery of Wuyin will have to meet. A new master of the chaotic evil camp, the Lord of Nightmare.”
The ideas of the gods and these high-level civilizations are correct, and Tang Qi is indeed in embarrassment.
The reason why he modified the promotion path given by the Infinite Secret Box was precisely to avoid being contaminated and shifting his camp.
If he shatters himself at this time, he will hunt down the nightmare.
There is a high probability that Tang Qi will become the victor of the war, and the Lord of Nightmare will be hit hard.
But the consequences will not be better.
As for completely killing the Nightmare Master?
As you can imagine, it is impossible.
At the time, the god of dreams, Nai Luomeng, had covet