square very neatly. Like an audience watching a fierce match.

After doing this, Tang Qi still has free time to lift the salted fish girl into the sky, at the same level as the blond young man.
“This is like a duel.”
Muttered, Tang Qi finally made a move.
The broadcast footage suddenly became very slow in this second, as if a “Slow Curse” had been cast.
A white finger was clearly seen by the audience, breaking through the space and hitting the black baron knight’s forehead.
Juli was born, and the body of the baron knight who already possessed professional-level strength collapsed directly.
At the same moment, the cards in front of the blond youth turned into fragments.
The salted fish girl who was feeling the floating in the air suddenly looked in front of her, a new “card” was slowly condensing.
In her mind, she automatically received the relevant attribute information that was ringing on the TV at the moment.
“Black Baron Knight Card, a high-level card belonging to [Humanoid Creature Card], can summon a powerful knight from a foreign land, he has a series of powerful skills such as blade storm, death charge, etc.”
“Unbelievable, the first round of duel There was an unexpected ending. His Royal Highness’s card was snatched by his opponent, and he lost the Baron Knight card.”
Before the TV screen, the audience exclaimed again and again.
At Juno’s home, her family members were simultaneously petrified, and her sturdy mother said helplessly: “I have a hunch that the bread I want tonight will not appear.”
The beautiful audience around the square saw the favorite prince. After losing the first battle, he subconsciously wanted to cheer and attack his opponent personally, but in the end no beauty spoke, they all remembered the fear of being dominated by “dried salted fish”.
So the only sound in the court was the heavy, rapid breathing of the blond young man.
His handsome facial features are a bit distorted, the golden light in his eyes gradually turns scarlet, and the corners of his mouth