thrilling pure smile at the corner of her mouth. Above the starry sky, a vague phantom of the giant Tama appears in the fireworks. He is looking at the girl, and he is also collapsing. solution.

Tang Qi looked at the fractured and surging stream of time and space again, which originated from the curiosity of the polymath, and he wanted to peek into some of the secrets of true history.
But at this moment, a mysterious “ripple” appeared in his eyes.
It looked like a scene where every bubble would be born when it shattered, but he felt the power of destroying everything from the ripples.
No, the correct description should be obliterating.
“After I die, the bubbles collapse, and everything inside will be obliterated by the remaining terrible power.”
Tang Qi’s mind, the words that Bliss said before resurfaced.
Without any hesitation, Tang Qi gave up prying. He sighed and returned to the highest point of the New World in a moment of induction. Everything in front of him was disintegrating, including the bliss of being nailed to the top of Tinari Peak. The soul that has gone through long years of pain seems to be pulling away.
Dozens of eyeballs were closed one after another.
Before closing the last one, looking at Tang Qi returning, a voice full of joy, happiness and relief sounded in the minds of Tang Qi and the forty furnace wizards.
“Thank you!” The
voice fell, and his huge, stalwart giant body gradually became transparent.
This process lasted for at least one second, but neither Tang Qi nor the forty furnace wizards did anything.
Sacrifice his incompleteness!
This is indeed one of the rewards given by Bliss.
But everyone did not go through any discussion, and collectively chose to refuse. Although from the point of view of the sacrificial law rules, the “Tama giant” that has been eroded and polluted all the year round can be regarded as a sacrifice to the evil god, and everyone can share the merits equally.
Unfortunately, forty people all share the same pride.
As the leader, Tang Q