have passed on this single-plank bridge, and 90% of them will be pushed into the mediocre river and drift with the flow. The remaining talents can reach the other end of the e-sports road.

On the other end, it is not about prestige or wealth, but also a more cruel competition between the strong and the strong! Only those who win until the end are eligible to log in to the LPL Hall of Honor!
All contestants enter the media trials for only one purpose, which is the LPL Hall of Honor. They need to have their own statue on it. They like e-sports and work hard for e-sports. The only thing that can prove themselves is LPL!
Perhaps, many strong teams encountered the strong in the knockout rounds and were directly eliminated, but it is certain that those who can stand out in three consecutive knockout rounds are definitely capable of reaching the professional third-tier level!
More than one hundred teams have gone through a full two weeks of confrontation. Even if the schedule is not scheduled, each team is training uninterrupted to maintain the best feel and condition!
The win rate knockout is actually a relatively common game selection mechanism.
More than one hundred teams were divided into groups, and the members of the group competed immediately, and a winner group and a loser group were selected in the competition.
In the second round, the twelve teams in the 1 winner group compete against each other, and the 1 loser group compete against each other. The match selects the 2 winner group, 1 win, 1 loser group, and 2 loser group,
and so on. In the final match, the two teams with the highest winning rate were selected, and they entered the final week of fighting in front of the LPL gate!
In other words, this is another cruel battle of 10 out of 9! !
After entering the knockout rounds, the opponents LM team encountered were no longer as smooth as they were good at knockout rounds before.
It can be clearly felt that some of the play styles of many teams pose a certain threat to the LM team.
In th