Qiao Xiu did not try to find a topic to chat with 西安桑拿按摩网 Circe, Qiao Xiu understood that the less time to talk with the second queen, the better.
“I should thank you. The eldest sister will come to Nolan again when I have time.”
Qiao Xiu left this sentence and walked towards the bottom of the city wall, and Se Xili turned the boss to send Qiao Xiu away. His back, his cold face was finally replaced by a smile unconsciously.
The Devil had no sense of belonging to Qiao Xiu, and the castle in the king’s city was not even as home as Nolan’s Hearthstone Tavern.
The reason why Qiao Xiu will help the Demon Race is entirely because of the problem of position. Just like Se Xili said, this is the last backing of Qiao Xiu, even if there is a major disturbance in the human world, the Demon World can still do it. Qiao Xiu provides shelter.
“I think Qiao Xiu you are just afraid of trouble.”
Xili held a sweet potato that is a specialty of the Devil and followed Qiao Xiu. She had heard the slightly embarrassing conversation between Qiao Xiu and Ce Xili just now.
“There are no politics-related skills in my skills.”
With the resources Qiao Xiu had at hand, there was no problem in shuffling the power of the entire Demon 西安夜桑拿论坛 Realm once, but Qiao Xiu had no interest in getting involved in any country’s political struggle.
Suddenly a faint green door appeared at the entrance of the castle, and a sin karma demon walked out of the door, and the next moment the blood prince led his family members to appear at the door.
This scene made the chaos demons who were being treated outside the city nervous instantly, most of them were monitors under Cexili’s command.
The Duke of Blood appeared at the gate of the castle without notice, and carrying so many family members could already be regarded as an attempted rebellion.
Circe jumped directly off the wall at this moment, and fell between Qiao Xiu and Duke Blood.

My lord, what is the purpose of your visit this time?” Ce Xili looked at the blood and the fami