te and mysterious “Satisfaction God” pattern with their tail flames in the dead starry sky.

In Tang Qi’s ears, ridicules converged in various languages ??sounded. “Eat shit, stupid worshiper of all souls.” The extremely faint light is flickering. Above a grain of “dust” that is invisible to the naked eye, inside is a special universe, a microscopic dimension, and inside it is a civilization that has entered a prosperous period. […]

l never escape these two endings.”

“It’s just that this skill has a strict success rate limit. The stronger the enemy, the lower the success rate. Once the opponent’s mental power greatly exceeds himself, the success rate will also be. It’s so pitiful.” “The most important thing is that once this effect is activated, no matter whether it succeeds or not, […]

soar beyond me beyond containment.” Tang Qi’s expression became solemn, the same as the expressions of the other invaded spirits.

Very tricky! After the nightmare dominates ascension, he is now possessing the combat power corresponding to his personality. Initially fighting with Tang Qi was at an absolute disadvantage, but soon he found Tang Qi’s “weakness”. Tang Qi, scrupulous about shifting the camp. This point can also be seen by other dominion-level gods, or all spirits […]

e been very strange since I entered here. How did Nuan know the secrets of all the tenants? At first I thought Xiang Nuan had the ability to perceive people’s hearts. After hearing what you said, I knew that the truth is countless times more cruel than I guessed.”

“The truth?” “You still remember. Don’t remember the TV in the toilet and the dense lines behind the TV?” “Remember.” Wen Qing had a very 西安夜桑拿论坛 bad premonition. “The landlord has been spying on the lives of the residents in the building through surveillance. He has seen the most filthy and ugly side of everyone, […]

fied. And Su Yu was a little unwilling to say: “Eight elders, let’s forget it. I’m afraid I can’t control it. Instead, I will add chaos to these people. It’s not the same as the white face. It’s more than enough to fail.”

Juli wants to scold someone and we didn’t despise you. , Okay, I also dislike it, but we are so strong, you still dislike us. The eighth elder smiled and said: “Xuan Jiu, you can’t be rude, if they join, they will be their own family members from now on.” Su Yu calmly said: “Then […]

ll family for their long-term contributions, and the other is to place a memory on it. I hope you can treat it properly.”

Andesa listened nervously from the side, and suddenly took a breath. She realized the words of the messenger. 西安耍耍论坛 A very crucial detail in the empire – since a force led by his father lost its track at the foot of the Dark Mountains 20 years ago, although almost everyone believed that the wolf general […]

to go to war one by one, knowing that whoever played the spoils of the war went to whoever did not want to make money.

Jiang Hao is happy with the military’s will, and he wants to build such a tiger-wolf teacher. If everyone is timid and fearful of the enemy, then play a fart, go home and hug the child as soon as possible! “Okay, we will fight tomorrow and take down the gathering place of the Huns. This […]

f Li Shutang is not sure, he can only stay in the hospital forever. But Li Shutang has grasped this opportunity now.

Among other things, Li Shutang’s behavior of “kneeling and begging for mercy” had already disqualified himself from being a boss. No one will follow a big guy who kneels down and begs for mercy! The King of Yue Goujian? Han Xin under the crotch? Sorry, this set is not popular in modern society! Since Li […]