or force caused the palace to collapse. A pair of dragon claws capable of pushing down the mansion pressed towards Tang Qi. No matter whether it was held or not, its dragon mouth was still missing. Close up.

boom! boom! boom! The dragon’s breath seemed to be free of money, and the waterfall poured down. But at this moment, Orlando’s heart beat fiercely, and a strong premonition of danger surged. Before it could react, the dragon’s claws felt severe pain, and the sight of the golden ground was reflected in the dragon’s eyes. […]

soar beyond me beyond containment.” Tang Qi’s expression became solemn, the same as the expressions of the other invaded spirits.

Very tricky! After the nightmare dominates ascension, he is now possessing the combat power corresponding to his personality. Initially fighting with Tang Qi was at an absolute disadvantage, but soon he found Tang Qi’s “weakness”. Tang Qi, scrupulous about shifting the camp. This point can also be seen by other dominion-level gods, or all spirits […]

side, they have immortality, resurrection, and common vision. Suitable for investigative ability.

If it hadn’t had a fatal problem, it would have long been vying for it by many extraordinary forces with its abilities. The three hundred red-eyed crows can collect a lot of information and gather in the beech body, but it will be “formatted” every ten years or so. After that, all the information collected […]

holding cards on his face from the beginning to the end. That introverted low-key makes people very comfortable.

Also a player, the difference in mood is really not ordinary. Fu Yunqing didn’t talk much, and after greeted Qian Meng, he left. Qian Meng just glanced at him, but Ying did not respond. Fu Yunqing seemed to be used to it a long time ago, and left the supermarket with Lu Ang next to […]

t looking at him.

Ren Suo’s brain banged instantly, feeling that a certain thread had broken! I heard Qiao Muyi’s suggestion to nod the head. You said that Ren Suo didn’t chuckle in his heart. It must be fake-conquer the girlfriends at the mahjong table and let the girlfriends be obedient and take off the cover. Just think about […]

bling at this moment. In their eyes, Su Yu is actually a good person. But even on the Human Race, they dare not say that Su Yu is a kind person.

No face to say! The words of Lantian and Su Yu just now proved that the two of them had just played tricks and made small moves, and the Prison King Avenue they had made had collapsed on their own. It was too cruel! But Su Yu had a face of indifference. The blue sky […]


The silhouette of the person in the fog slowly became clear, and the other person seemed to be walking towards him. “No, I want to stay away from him.” The drunk obviously felt that the opponent’s speed was accelerating, and he didn’t dare to respond, so he turned and ran. “If he is a human,西安品茶网 […]